Issue 3

Peter Knight’s Gigspanner - From Poets to Wives | Talking Elephant There’s something of the proverbial elder statesman about Peter Knight, in terms of his place in music, which cannot be overstated.  It’s not just in the quality of his playing, which now comes across in more defined terms than previously, due in no small … Continue reading Issue 3

Issue 2

Harbottle and Jonas - The Beacon | Brook View Records The fifth album release by the Devon based duo Harbottle and Jonas seems to have been a long time coming, with a steady drip feed of single releases leading up to its release.  The anticipation has been almost breath-taking.  It’s not only the four single … Continue reading Issue 2

Issue 1

Brooks Williams Live | Cast Theatre, Doncaster I’ve always considered it odd, if not nigh on impossible, to review a live gig if you’re not actually there, yet in these wildly extraordinary times, this is precisely the way it goes.  Under normal circumstances, just prior to a show, there would be the mandatory swift beer … Continue reading Issue 1

50 Moments

Fifty on-stage, off-stage, backstage and out in the field group photographs from fifteen years of walkabouts. 1. Young Singers and Musicians at the Cambridge Folk Festival, including Innes White, Mischa Macpherson, Kitty Macfarlane, and Siobhan Miller (2011) 2. Richard Thompson backstage, boasting about his catch earlier that morning at the Cambridge Folk Festival duck pond. … Continue reading 50 Moments

50 ♂

A selection of some of the male performers we have had the privilege to photograph. 1. Bert Jansch (Cambridge Folk Festival 2004) The first time I heard the voice of Bert Jansch, along with his distinctive guitar playing, was in the art class at Oswin Avenue School, when our new art teacher brought into class … Continue reading 50 ♂

50 ♀

A selection of some of the women performers we have had the privilege to photograph. 1. Laura Marling (Cambridge Folk Festival, 2011) I first became aware of Laura Marling when I was researching the line up for the 2008 Cambridge Folk Festival, at which Laura would be headlining the Thursday night concert on Stage 2, … Continue reading 50 ♀