Issue 9

Chris Cleverley - Live From the Glass Isle | Self Release It really can’t be overstated just how difficult it has been over the last fifteen months or so for singers and musicians around the globe, whose lives (and livelihoods) have been deeply affected, when standing in front of audiences was almost always something they … Continue reading Issue 9

Issue 8

Lady Nade - Willing | Self Release It seems that every once in a while a voice comes along to stop us in our tracks, a voice that manages to convey just the right emotion for each of the songs; one moment deep and soulful, the next breathy and wistful. The third album by the … Continue reading Issue 8

Issue 7

Rachel Baiman - Cycles | Signature Sounds Recordings It may well have been two events that marked the beginning of Rachel Baiman’s latest album release Cycles, the birth of a nephew and the loss of a grandmother.  Birth and death are two highly personal moments in anyone’s life, something most of us are all too … Continue reading Issue 7

Issue 6

Martin Simpson | Live Feature | The Live Room, Caroline Street Social Club, Saltaire West Yorkshire | Words and Photos by Keith Belcher “I cannot tell you how much it means to me to stand on a stage and remind myself of who I am...” so said Martin Simpson just before the encore to his … Continue reading Issue 6

Issue 5

Eli West - Tapered Point of Stone | Self Release Eli West is perhaps best known for his work as part of a successful duo with Cahalen Morrison, whose fine dove-tailed musical empathy has impressed many an audience over the past few years and for good reason.  Here though, West goes it alone, albeit with … Continue reading Issue 5

Issue 4

Christina Alden and Alex Patterson - Hunter | Self Release The debut album by Christina Alden and Alex Patterson, a fine duo from the heart of Norwich, is probably even better than I initially expected it to be.  I fully expected it to be good, but perhaps not quite this good.  The unique sound that … Continue reading Issue 4

Issue 3

Peter Knight’s Gigspanner - From Poets to Wives | Talking Elephant There’s something of the proverbial elder statesman about Peter Knight, in terms of his place in music, which cannot be overstated.  It’s not just in the quality of his playing, which now comes across in more defined terms than previously, due in no small … Continue reading Issue 3

Issue 2

Harbottle and Jonas - The Beacon | Brook View Records The fifth album release by the Devon based duo Harbottle and Jonas seems to have been a long time coming, with a steady drip feed of single releases leading up to its release.  The anticipation has been almost breath-taking.  It’s not only the four single … Continue reading Issue 2

Issue 1

Brooks Williams Live | Cast Theatre, Doncaster I’ve always considered it odd, if not nigh on impossible, to review a live gig if you’re not actually there, yet in these wildly extraordinary times, this is precisely the way it goes.  Under normal circumstances, just prior to a show, there would be the mandatory swift beer … Continue reading Issue 1