The Sad Song Co – Saudade

Album Review | Self Release | Review by Allan Wilkinson

The latest offering from The Sad Song Co (Nigel Powell), comes with the enigmatic title Saudade, which translates from the Portuguese for a deep emotional state of longing or missing, which some of us might just be feeling at present.  Having spent a period of time as part of Frank Turner’s touring band Sleeping Souls, recent circumstances have re-opened doors for Nigel to concentrate on his own dramatic music, some of which is revealed here in eleven new songs.  Utilising all the tools in the toolbox, the musical palette is varied, with rich sonic textures throughout, that range from minimalist Terry Riley-like arpeggios of “These Tears Won’t Cry Themselves”, the power chords of “Hold”, the short but sweet Debussy-like impressionism of “Makarska Sunset 25th May 2018” to the pulsating rhythms of “Feeding”, each of which provides perfectly pitched backdrops for Powell’s confident vocals and punchy lyricism, with the exception of “Makarska”, which is an instrumental interlude.  Highly melodic in places, Saudade provides for an adventurous listening experience, with a surprise around each corner.