Western Centuries – Call the Captain

Album Review | Free Dirt Records | Review by Liam Wilkinson

Cahalen Morrison possesses a voice that would raise the eyebrows of Otis Redding and Curtis Mayfield were they still alive to enjoy Call the Captain.  On “Barcelona Lighthouse” and “Before That Final Bell” – two of the highlights from the latest album by Seattle-based country outfit Western Centuries – Morrison leads the band into sultry, soulful waters, but he’s not the only captain here.  Fellow vocalists Ethan Lawton and Jim Miller are also on hand to navigate the album towards some impressive territory indeed.  The rhythm is slick and the lap steel lithe on “Lifeblood Sold”, and with “Sarah and Charlie” it’s difficult to resist the urge to get right up and dance to the song’s infectious shuffle.  And then there’s the superb “Heart Broke Syndrome” which will not only please fans of The Band, with its respectful nod to Levon and the boys, but will have them rushing out to collect all three of Western Centuries’ outstanding LPs.