Judy Fairbairns – Edge of the Wild

Album Review | Wild Biscuit | Review by Allan Wilkinson

Having already brought to life the feel and atmosphere of the Inner Hebridean islands of Scotland in her stories as a published author, Judy Fairbairns now reflects on her place in the world, namely the Isle of Mull, in song. Delicate in places, Judy has the knack of bringing the listener into her world, from the freedom of being an ‘island wife’, captured in the sleeve photography, to the simple domesticity of writing lists, baking cakes and making the occasional call. There’s a rich tapestry of influences built into the fabric of Judy’s songs, not so much in her musical influences, but certainly in the forces of nature that surround her, in the weather and the seasons, in the gentle landscapes around her and presumably what lies within her inner spirit. The songs are like melodic meditations that are simply constructed, such as the delicate “Who Are You” and the haunting “Girl on a Train”, yet are in places pleasantly unafraid of incorporating modern technology ala Portishead on “We Made the Rain” for instance. Tender and meditative, Edge of the World soothes.