The Chair – Orkney Monster

Album Review | Folky Gibbon Records | Review by Allan Wilkinson

The Orkney-based festival band who go under the name The Chair, “let’s face it, it’s (the name) a lot less scatological than The Stool” insist the band, have been going now for almost seventeen years and although they’ve played countless gigs and festivals, this is only their third album to date, so perhaps very much a long awaited event. The band get down to business immediately with their stomping opener “Beachcombers”, which is one of those showstoppers that begins on a relatively chilled note, only to build into the sort of tune that bends festival crowd barriers and leaves every single chair vacated.  Smartly attired for this particular outing, the eight-piece outfit appear with full brass paraphernalia within the pages of their tuppenny Gutter Soond periodical, which reports that girls have become driven to beer and the loss of two towels and a knife and fork in its headlines.  So plenty to read as you listen/dance.  The inclusion of Tom Waits’ early masterpiece “Shiver Me Timbers” does nothing but confirm this band’s versatility and we can only wait in the belief that we’ll be able to see the band sometime in the not too distant future. Until then, get your dancing shoes on.