Ayom – Ayom

Album Review | Amplifica Records | Review by Allan Wilkinson

Despite the inherent difficulty in relating to the infectious sounds of the summer while still in the throes of a very bleak midwinter, Ayom do their level best to bring a sprinkling of joy to the world with eleven bright and cheerful songs loaded with Latin rhythms based on the folk tunes of Brazil and Angola, though from a Mediterranean base.  With the Minas Gerais-born Jabu Morales bringing her distinctive voice very much to the fore, Ayom’s self-titled debut album is a rich blend of styles, incorporating much of her Candomblé and Afro-Brazilian rhythms, augmented by Alberto Becucci’s accordion flurries.  Both “Cachaça e Macarrão” and “Baile das Catitas” are clearly intended to fill a dance floor, loaded with the vibrant colours of Brazil, yet at the same time inhabited by Morales’ adopted Barcelona sensibilities.  Even the slower, sultry ballad “Balzaquiana” is imbued with a hot summer feel and yet hopefully never too far from an ice cold Caipirinha, or maybe the odd Cuba Libre. This will put you in the mood for the summer, if we’re allowed to have one that is.