Ewan Macintyre Band – Dream on Sally

Album Review | Broken Car Recordz | Review by Allan Wilkinson

I always quite enjoyed the theatricality of a Southern Tenant Folk Union performance, which always kept us all on the edge of our seats.  This had a lot to do with Ewan Macintyre’s on stage showmanship mixed with his sense of on the button musicality.  A lot of this appears to have stayed with the Edinburgh musician as he continues to hone his craft in his newfound home of Montreal, with a couple of solo albums already under his belt.  Dream on Sally sees the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist spread his wings even more with his own band and eight highly individual songs and tunes, each delivered with some soulful clout.    

There’s lots of influences here, certainly with his own Scots heritage, noted on the instrumental “Muckle Mooth”, but also in the contemporary rhythms and a pop sensibility of “Same Story”, a great opener for certain.  The pulsating beat that leads us into “Eyes on the Road” reminds us of Ewan’s flair for a good beat, while the scat vocal and whistled chorus on “Each to their Own” could easily be Gene Kelly dancing in puddles, once again alluding to Ewan’s theatrical bent. I mentioned how soulful some of these songs are, which is exemplified in “Bright Lights and Pictures”, one of the album highlights, not quite in the Redding, Gaye and Pickett sense, but soulful nevertheless.