Zoë Wren – Reckless River

Album Review | Self Release | Review by Allan Wilkinson

A good starting place for this brief appreciation of Zoë Wren’s debut album, would be a robust show of hands for the actual production team.  Carefully scrutinised by Lauren Deakin Davies, Tristano Galimberti and Zoë’s herself, whose attention to detail should be commended, the entire album sounds superb from the start, each making sure Jonny Wickham’s bass can be heard, Martin Ash’s viola comes in and out at the right intervals and David Delarre’s mandolin skitters here and there to grand effect.  

Written and produced between Zoë’s London home and her new home in Switzerland, Reckless River is not only a showcase for Zoë’s songwriting credentials, her distinctive voice and her classy fretboard mastery, but also for her range.  The traditional “Let No Man Steal Your Thyme and the Country inflected “Don’t Touch My Guitar” could be from two completely different musicians.  Zoë appears to be equally at home with her own songs, such as “Ring in Your Pocket”, “Elephants and Drums” and “Come Home”, as she is with traditional British ballads and bluesy Honky-Tonkin’ fare.  Good things in store for Zoë for sure judging by this fine debut.