Pictures From Nadira – Morula

Album Review | Fluttery Records | Review by Allan Wilkinson

The Munich-based quartet Pictures From Nadira follow up their highly regarded debut Nadira, with what is described as a ‘concept album’, choosing a biological term for the “developmental stage of an early embryo of multicellular organisms” as its title.  Morula reflects the changes within the band’s general make up and ongoing ethos, with moody and atmospheric results.  The eleven minute tempo changing “Messn I, Miku, Messn II” is the standout track, which threatens to break into Limp Bizkit at any given moment and with a decent German Fred Durst soundalike, it could have gone to an otherwise different plane.  Completely instrumental however, the four pieces endeavour to “combine different genres to represent the up and downs of life”, which comes across loud, if not quite clear.