Texas Hill – Texas Hill

EP Review | Self Release | Review by Liam Wilkinson

Whilst the era of glossy TV talent shows has produced more than its fair share of unsatisfyingly flimsy acts, it’s refreshing to find a robust and exciting country band shining like a diamond in the rough.  Texas Hill consists of Craig Wayne Boyd, Adam Wakefield and Casey James, three musicians who have dropped off the American Idol/The Voice conveyor belt to form an altogether respectable country outfit that benefits from tight harmonies, songs writhing with earworms and some smoking guitar solos.

The band’s eponymous debut EP opens with the infectious “Four Roses” which, like the majority of the songs here, was written by the band. As openers go, they rarely come with more magnetism than this one, with its nods to classic country rockers such as The Oak Ridge Boys and The Bellamy Brothers.  “Easy on the Eyes” crosses into Al Green territory, thanks in part to Adam Wakefield’s impressively soulful vocals, whilst “Sugar Cane” brims with the shimmer and grit we’ve come to expect from contemporary country rock.  The EP closes with a beautiful, harmony-laden ballad entitled “Darkest Sky”, which leaves us waiting for Texas Hill’s first full album release with a lovely bit of gospel ringing in our ears.