John Anderson – Years

Album Review | Easy Eye Sound | Review by Liam Wilkinson

“How I’m still here remains a mystery,” John Anderson sings on the opening track of Years, an album which has miraculously emerged from a time of unrest and uncertainty.  Whilst 2020 has been pretty wicked to us all, the US country singer has endured a particularly difficult period in which ill-health led to the temporary loss of his hearing, a fate that no musician would wish to suffer.  Fortunately for us, John is very much still here and the country stalwart has surfaced with another outstanding album.

Teaming up with Black Keys vocalist and songwriter Dan Auerbach, Years features a selection of melodic masterpieces, such as the sweetly nostalgic “Celebrate”, the George Harrison-esque “Tuesday I’ll Be Gone” (featuring a glossy vocal from Blake Shelton) and the sublime closing song, “You’re Nearly Nothing”.  The songwriting is nop-notch, as is the musicianship, but its Anderson’s voice that provides the sheen.  Converts will agree that there’s nothing quite like the golden syrup of John Anderson’s vocals and, even in his 66th year, it’s looking likely that new fans will be pouring in thanks to the voice that carries this superb LP.