The Bills – ‘Til the Blues Have Gone

Album Review | Wheeling Records | Review by Allan Wilkinson

Not to be mistaken for the Canadian folk quintet of the same name, though perhaps this duo do have a bona fide claim to the name, in view of the fact that the two musicians here are genuine Bills.  Bill Booth and Bill Troiani hail from Maine and New York City respectively and have since decamped to Norway, where the two of them have enjoyed separate careers in music.  Having played in various bands together as well as a duo since 2012, the two have failed to record anything until now, this being their debut duo album.

‘Til the Blues Have Gone features a dozen original songs, each of which is a showcase for the duo’s own particular slant on deep blues and country swing, with the exception the old Son House blues “Grinning in Your Face”, which is treated to a slick arrangement, together with a portrait of the Mississippi Delta bluesman included in the lyrics booklet.  The songs maintain a distinctively mature feel throughout, with some fine performances, such as the brooding “Keeping the Blues Alive” and the pop infused “Already Gone”.  With Billy T on bass and Bill Booth on guitar, fiddle and banjo, the duo are joined by Alexander Pettersen on drums and percussion.