AL_X – Low Cloud

Album Review | Fluttery Records | Review by Allan Wilkinson

Liverpool’s Alex Dunford releases this seventeen-track album, his first release since 2014’s Shunt.  Once again the pieces are imbued with atmosphere, texture and ambience, utilising all the best traits of electronica in an orchestral setting.  Dunford claims that it’s a lot calmer than previous albums and admits that he himself listens to drone based music to help him with sleep!  I’m not sure whether this is true as I find his music good to read to, where staying awake is essential. 

Perhaps the album’s strongest aspect is its mixture of acoustic and electronic sounds, which endeavour to find a unique meeting point.  Influenced by Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategy cards, especially during artistic blocks, Dunford manages to create his otherworldly soundscapes that often have a cinematic quality to them.  Predominantly instrumental, we don’t hear a human voice until forty minutes in, when Jeff Jepson provides the vocal on “Leaving the World Behind”, the closest thing on this album to a radio song perhaps?