Willie Campbell – Nothing’s Going to Bring Me Down

Album Review | Invisible King | Review by Allan Wilkinson

The title of Willie Campbell’s latest album could be seen as an optimistic statement for our times.  The Isle of Lewis-based singer songwriter treats the current crisis as a challenge and doesn’t let the lockdown scupper his artistic vision.  For the title song “Nothing’s Going to Bring Me Down”, Keith Morrison’s piano accompaniment underpins a warm melody and an optimistic message, which appears to suggest that with every cloud, there is indeed a silver lining.  Much of this album is uplifting in its own way, the ten songs  delivered in positive tones, each lyric written and delivered with a sense of unity.  Almost rejecting nostalgia and the past, “Keep My Dreams of Yesterday” focuses our attention on the here and now, while “Miracles of Joy, Miracles of Pain” looks forward to a brighter future.   That future is further addressed in “Wolves to Run”, a song drawn from a sense of not so much celebrating the melancholy past, but looking forward to the endless possibilities of the future, if we put our minds to it.  Nothing’s Going to Bring Me Down closes on an Everly Brothers-styled lullaby, a meditation on home, a place of comfort for those of us who have one.