Lunatraktors – Bonefires

EP Review | TPR Recordings | Review by Allan Wilkinson

Margate-based Clair Le Couteur and Carli Jefferson, otherwise known as Lunatraktors, follow their acclaimed debut album This is Broken Folk, with a four-track EP, released on the anniversary of the burning of the Houses of Parliament in 1834, with three traditional adaptations and a seasonal Carol.  Predominantly tuned folk drums, body percussion and a smattering of harmonium, the focus is on the duo’s idiosyncratic vocal blend, it being their trump card.  “Black Raven”, which opens the duo’s debut album is revisited here as “Black Raven II”, which sees Clair in full on Paul Robeson mode; a dark, brooding, yet powerful performance, underpinned by Carli’s military drums, evoking the spirit of the Russian wars.  The highlight though, has to be the rousing version of “16000 Miles”, with its infectious rhythms and thoroughly engaging lead vocal, which is loaded with spirit and invention.  With growing momentum, Lunatraktors are reshaping the course of folk music as we speak.