Tom Moore and Archie Moss – Spectres

Album Review | Slow Worm Records | Review by Allan Wilkinson

Some inventive arrangements here by two of the British folk scene’s brightest young musicians, now working together as a duo since the departure of Jack Rutter from the live favourites Moore Moss Rutter a good few months ago.  On this, the duo’s second album release, we find eleven original and atmospheric instrumentals that appear to take the duo’s musicianship to the realms of ambient music, certainly experimental and something certainly removed from the realms of straight jigs and reels. 

The title track has a steady build, which explores the musical possibilities of the viola and diatonic accordion, with a few ‘samples’ thrown in, to effectively add to the tension.  “Pop One” is more familiar fare, a tune that flits and skitters and occasionally stops for breath, courtesy of Archie’s bellows.  The album works best when it offers melodic tunes that build from an experimental mindset, or that include percussive elements such as “Lek” or importantly, those deeply soulful tunes that manage to stir the emotions, with no need for words, just two instruments, such as the all too short “Green Belt”. I’ve been putting this album on and then leaving it on.   

Choice Track: Pop One (NSV 510)