Pedro Lima – Maguidala

Album Review | Bongo Joe Records | Review by Allan Wilkinson

This timely reissue of Pedro Lima’s much sought after classic Maguidala, features just four tracks, running at just over thirty minutes, yet there’s a sense of fulfillment and completeness in that half hour.  Despite having been recorded and first released back in 1985, the recordings sound surprisingly fresh and vibrant, with the twin guitars of Leopoldino Silva and Pety-Zorro sparring effortlessly between puxas and rumbas, each of the four numbers guaranteed to get feet moving, if not entire bodies. 

Born in 1944 on Sao Tomé island, the singer was known throughout Sao Tomé and Principe as “A voz do povo de Sao Tomé” (the people’s voice of the island), and his death in January 2019 saw the passing of perhaps the islands’ best loved musician.  It’s not surprising that the four selections that make up this album are so tight, the band having already been playing together for a good two decades.  A joyful sound for a joyful album.  

Choice Track: Maguidala (NSV 506)