Layla Kaylif – Lovers Don’t Meet

Album Review | Self Release | Review by Allan Wilkinson

Best known for her hit single “Shakespeare in Love”, released on the eve of the new Millennium, Dubai-born singer songwriter Layla Kaylif returns once again with seven new songs, each delivered with the same pop sensibility that has worked for her in the past.  The title track “Lovers Don’t Meet” serves as a fine opener, with all boxes ticked from first person verses, steadily building choruses and a strategically places key change, all necessary ingredients for a radio hit, or these things used to be in my day. 

Recorded in Nashville, the songs on Lovers Don’t Meet transcend our expectations with some finely crafted songs, accompanied by a video promo of the lead single “As I Am”, which sees the British Emirati singer-songwriter busking in the streets of Central London, from the Chinese lanterns of the West End to the Tate Modern on the South Bank, culminating in the shadow of St Paul’s Cathedral, with a reminder of George Floyd’s final words, and all from a safe distance, masked and booted, a poignant reference to the current mess we’re all in.

Choice Track: As I Am (NSV 506)