Larkin Poe – Self Made Man

Album Review | Tricki-Woo Records | Review by Allan Wilkinson

The fifth studio album from Atlanta’s Larkin Poe is packed with sneering guitar licks and powerful vocals of the sort we’ve come to expect from the Nashville-based siblings Rebecca and Megan Lovell.  There’s no holds barred as the band launch into “She’s a Self Made Man”, the gender twisting album opener and debut single from the record.  It’s been a roller-coaster decade for the Lovells, who burst onto the scene back in 2010 with a series of seasonal EPs, released each season of the year specifically to gauge the direction the band might take.  A sensible plan I always thought.

The trajectory of the band’s direction since those early decisions were made has taken the sisters to many stages in many locations, their blues-based rootsy rock n roll always at the fore and ready to kick whatever ass might inadvertently get in the way. You don’t come away from a Larkin Poe gig disappointed, neither do you come away unaffected by Rebecca and Megan’s boundless energy and engaging southern charm.  I loved the band in 2010 and I continue to love them today.  Rebecca’s lead vocal is maturing like vintage wine, yet she’s still under thirty.  “Ex-Con” features a confident, full bodied soulful vocal, that adds another notch to Rebecca’s guitar.  Megan’s voice is at her fingertips, a slide guitarist whose playing over the last ten years has made me thing along the lines of Duane Allman, Lowell George, Bonnie Raitt, Megan Lovell. Not a bad lineage really. Self-produced with assistance from their “good buddy and engineer” Roger Alan Nichols in Nashville, Self Made Man indicates that the Lovell sisters are not only still very much on the road, but are wearing a groove into it.

Choice Track: Ex-Con (NSV 503)