Chip Wickham – Blue to Red

Album Review | Lovemonk | Review by Allan Wilkinson

If we read the blurb accompanying this new release by Brighton-born flautist and saxophonist Chip Wickham, we might be transported away on the Starship Enterprise and all that, a notion possibly encouraged by such titles as “The Cosmos” and “Interstellar”.  If however we choose to keep our feet firmly on the ground, what we have here is a rather tasty instrumental album of six lush compositions, brilliantly performed by six intuitive musicians.  It’s the record that you play after the party’s over, when they’ve all gone home and you can reach for that special bottle you saved under the table for later. 

Wickham’s playing is full bodied-throughout, complemented by a collective of choice jazz musicians, which includes the customary rhythm section of keys (Dan ‘JD73’ Goldman), double bass (Simon ‘Sneaky’ Houghton), drums (Jon Scott) and percussion (Rick Whiting), but also Amanda Whiting’s ethereal harp, which seems to take the music to those aforementioned cosmic landscapes.  Dreamy in places, Blue to Red, has to be sipped gently, during the quiet and certainly after hours. 

Choice Track: Route One (NSV 502)