astrid – Storm Sessions

EP Review | Wee Studio Records | Review by Allan Wilkinson

Hebridean natives Willie Campbell and Charlie Clark reunite and revisit “Distance”, one of astrid’s best loved songs, which opens this highly melodic four-track EP.  Having formed in the mid-1990s, astrid (mandatory lower case ‘a’) have enjoyed a fruitful couple of decades on and off, receiving much airplay and sharing stages with several high profile acts notably Belle and Sebastian, The Proclaimers and Edwyn Collins, who also produced one or two of the band’s albums.  

If the opening song has all the tenets of an enduring radio song, then the band have no problem diving headlong into Country fare with the equally melodic “Falling and Flying”, which is slightly slower than the Crazy Heart film version, delivered by the highly unlikely pairing of Messers Farrell and Bridges. No fillers here, with “Modes of Transport” and “Poison Reaction” giving us no reason to turn off before the thirteen minutes are up, just long enough to enjoy over a coffee.

Choice Track: Distance (NSV 502)