Lizzy Hardingham – Seven

EP Review | Self Release | Review by Allan Wilkinson

With one full length album and a couple of EPs already under her belt, Lizzy Hardingham returns with a themed EP, consisting of songs specifically relating to the sea.  Named for both the number of seas and the number of selections on the EP, Seven takes us on a journey across oceans, from the Arctic down to the Antarctic, through the Atlantic and Pacific, north and south both, and not forgetting the Indian Ocean.  Opening with “King of the Boundless Deep”, the majesty of the whale is addressed, with Joseph Edwards Carpenter’s eloquent words set to an uplifting melody.

If the troubled history of the whale’s dominance over the oceans is an essential ingredient to any collection of sea songs, then the shanty is possibly its most popular form of expression.  Lizzy’s confident voice tackles both “Rolling Down to Old Maui” and “South Australia” with no small measure of gusto.  Both “Shallow Brown” and “Shenandoah” are treated with the respect they deserve, yet it’s the beautiful “Memorial for a Glacier” that pips everything else to the post as the EP highlight, a gorgeously delivered self-penned song with Jack Frost at its heart.  With half of the proceeds from sales of the EP going to the RNLA, Seven serves as a timely reminder of the wonder and admiration we hold for the sea, as well as the tempestuous relationship we continue to have with it.

Choice Track: Memorial for a Glacier (NSV 502)