Dan Whitehouse – Dreamland Tomorrow

Album Review | Reveal | Review by Allan Wilkinson

Dreamland Tomorrow represents two very distinct sides of Midlands’ singer songwriter Dan Whitehouse, both his experimental side and his raw, stripped down to essentials side, essentially two albums joined at the hip.  The two discs contain a generous 22 songs, one or two familiar, but mostly new.  Markedly different from one another and each having been tackled by two different producers, Dreamland by Tom Rose and Tomorrow by Boo Hewerdine, the songs on the former are reminiscent of Scott Walker’s more adventurous exploits, whereas the latter borrows heavily from Hewerdine’s distinctively melodic style. 

If the first disc demonstrates the experimental side of Whitehouse, with a couple of pleasant surprises, Trashcan Sinatras’ “Weightlifting” and Sunhouse’s “Crazy on the Weekend”, which reminds us once again of the talent that got away, the second leans more towards the usual singer songwriter fare.  In some cases, the songs are not dissimilar from those performed by Hewerdine himself, the closest example being “The Birds Are Leaving”, one of Hewerdine’s most notable compositions, delivered here as faithfully as one can imagine.

Choice Track: The Birds Are Leaving (NSV 502)