Maimu Jõgeda – The One About

Album Review | Self Release | Review by Allan Wilkinson

The piano accordion can be an expressive instrument in its own right when in the correct hands and can span a broad canvas in terms of musical arrangement, away from its familiar use as an accompanying instrument.  Maimu Jõgeda is such a musician, whose inventiveness and flair for the instrument’s possibilities is explored in these dozen pieces.  Born and raised in the Estonian village of Rõuge in the Võrumaa region of the country, Maimu cut her musical teeth on classical and jazz with a keen eye on the traditional music of Estonia. 

The physical object itself is represented with one or two squeaks and clatters, which makes the music seem all the more tangible and raw.  Mostly self-penned, with one or two melodies adapted from traditional Estonian bagpipe tunes, the pieces are all played solo, each rich in atmosphere and each tenderly performed.  If music is made to take the listener somewhere else, somewhere enchanting and ethereal, then the forests of Southern Estonia are as good a place to start as any.

Choice Track: Emale (NSV 502)