Will Pound – A Day Will Come

Album Review | Lulubug Records | Review by Allan Wilkinson

Even down to the colour of the cover, Will Pound’s A Day Will Come is a celebration of the European Union through and through, a veritable travelogue through the sounds and rhythms of twenty-seven countries, blown (and not forgetting sucked) through his faithful harmonica or bellowed through his trusty melodeon, with no small measure of assistance from a choice bunch of musician friends across nations. Having spent last summer travelling across Europe, meeting musicians along the way, this album is the result of Will’s expedition, a collection of music taken or inspired by the traditional music of such countries as Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia and Malta, just four of the nations that have held a fascination for this adventurous and eager to learn musician.

Almost entirely instrumental save for one or two songs and spoken passages, A Day Will Come, subtitled ‘a musical journey across the European Union’, manages to effectively cross fertilise styles, with each selection (bar one) a combination of two distinct geographical areas with astonishing results. It was probably felt that in the case of Ireland, the wealth of music was diverse enough to have a set of tunes for itself, with some pretty outstanding playing from Liz Carroll on fiddle and Jenn Butterworth on guitar. Listening to the juxtapositions of the varying styles and traditions is probably the album’s most pleasing aspect. A Day Will Come, its title borrowed from a Victor Hugo speech of 1849, is both uplifting and thought-provoking, whilst maintaining a sense of optimism throughout.

Choice Track: Croatia/Hungary (NSV 501)