The Lowest Pair – The Perfect Plan

Album Review | Thirty Tigers | Review by Allan Wilkinson

Kendl Winter and Palmer T Lee, otherwise known as The Lowest Pair, return with their sixth album to date, delicately produced by Mike Mogis, who strives to take the duo’s sound to unchartered waters. The Lowest Pair’s familiar clawhammer banjo and guitar sparring is still very much intact, yet the sound is lifted by the array of session musicians brought in to embellish the duo’s sound.

The Perfect Plan is a bold statement, which further demonstrates the duo’s unique empathy, notably on the sufi-inspired “Wild Animals”, which features some convincing call and response motifs, underpinned by an equally convincing contemporary beat. “Too Late Babe” has a free flowing pop charm, suitable for freeway cruising in an open top car, whilst the cascading guitar tumbles of “Morning Light” build to an uplifting climax, suitably enhancing the song’s questioning lyric. Winter’s idiosyncratic vocal prowess dominates the album, which is a little bit Anaïs, a little bit Emmylou, but very much herself. The closing title song “The Perfect Plan” is a fitting anthem to our relationships, our hopes and fears and our place in the general scheme of things, ‘Just because it didn’t go the way we planned doesn’t mean it didn’t go how it was meant to”; a thought very much to ponder on.

Choice Track: Wild Animals (NSV 501)