Asian Dub Foundation – Access Denied

Album Review | X Ray Production | Review by Allan Wilkinson

Access Denied is a veritable assault on the senses, a blended miasma of rap, punk, dub reggae and rock, loaded with samples and scratchy beats, yet an album with something to say. Often menacing and sneering in its delivery, from the pulsating shock of “Can’t Pay Won’t Pay”,  through the space age pyrotechnics of “Stealing the Future” to the hard rock of “Mindlock”, its brutal synths and thrilling ray gun intervals, a mixture of raw sound and sixth form rap lyrics, ever searching for a rhyme. 

There’s hardly any respite from the assault, with the possible exception of “Realignment”, which offers a moment of reverie. If “Front Line” calls for a united society, Comedian Stuart Lee drives the message home further with a no holes barred attack on racism, xenophobia and general bigotry, whilst the young Greta Thunberg is given yet another platform to deliver her message and to warn us of our impending doom in “Youthquake Part 1”.  All very contemporary and noisy, yet engaging in places.

Choice Track: Realignment (NSV 501)