Damily – Early Years: Madagascar Cassette Archives

Album Review | Bongo Joe Records | Review by Allan Wilkinson

Having virtually invented his own idiosyncratic style of playing, the tsapiky guitarist Damily has produced some of the most infectious sounds from Madagascar since the early 1980s, with just six selections featured here, originally released on cassette. Time doesn’t appear to have devalued or dampened the brightness of these recordings, each selection imbued with a feverish spirit and a jubilant groove, party music for those who really like to party.

The sprightly guitar runs on both “Mangebakebake” and “Tulear” are hypnotic and soothing and race alongside the voices, interweaving in a torrent of joy. It’s difficult to listen to any of these tracks without a smile or indeed without moving at least one part of your body, if not multiple parts. Bongo Joe Records continue to search out and reveal music from around the world that results in a great deal of satisfaction. Early Years: Madagascar Cassette Archives is no exception.

Choice Track: Zaho Va (NSV 501)