Amberly Chalberg – Hi-Line

Album Review | Self Release | Review by Allan Wilkinson

With almost half of the twelve songs warning us of ‘explicit language’ there’s a tendency to conclude that Amberly Chalberg means business here; she’s a lil bit cheeky, a lil bit angry, a lil bit Country, but then she’s also a whole lot of confidence all rolled into one.  Montana-born and raised, Amberly approaches the songs on Hi-Line from the perspective of building upon the work she’s already put into her debut EP, There Will Come a Day, which is made up of songs written for her ailing father, specifically to lift his spirits, after he was diagnosed with colon cancer back in 2013.  An understandably tough time for the singer.

The songs on this, Amberly’s first full-length outing, are bold, direct and confident, with a gutsy delivery, especially on the gutsier songs, “Crazy Bout You” and “Lil Bit Country”.  Hi-Line gives us certain inroads into precisely how the singer feels, with songs punctuated by deep emotion and with one or two tender moments such as “One Last Time”, an album highlight.  Dedicated to her late father, with the symbolic white horse head dominating the cover artwork, Amberly should be pleased with the results as I’m sure you will be.

Choice Track: Lil Bit Country (NSV 498)