Anna Lynch – Apples in the Fall

EP Review | Self Release | Review by Allan Wilkinson

Impressive five-song EP from California-born, now Asheville, North Carolina-based singer songwriter Anna Lynch, whose Country/Bluegrass sensibilities are perfectly captured, especially in the opening song and title track “Apples in the Fall”. Nostalgic yet avoiding sentimentality, the song takes a glimpse at small town America, with reminiscences of long gone factories and tired old brick buildings, ‘old shacks with breaking backs’, a heartfelt lament for the long lost Sebastopol apple industry and all treated to sumptuous guitar/dobro duelling of a Phil Donnolly/Jerry Douglas standard (what’s not to like?)

Though it’s difficult to get past this opening song, skipping back half a dozen times at least, all of the selections are particularly good in their own right, including “Bitter Bones”, one of Anna’s earliest songs and the gorgeous “Do You Miss Me Yet”, both confident performances with instantly memorable melodies. I look forward very much to more from this promising artist.

Choice Track: Apples in the Fall (NSV 498)