Aruba Red – Shadow Work

EP Review | Self Release | Review by Allan Wilkinson

Wearing a feathered owl mask upon her forehead and resembling a young Annie Lennox, the cover shot of Aruba Red’s second EP release Shadow Work suggests the notion of wisdom, as the Stuttgart-born singer songwriter and daughter of the late Jack Bruce delivers five highly personal songs.  The five songs lay bare her soul as she confronts her past and the journey thus far travelled, a hazardous journey it has to be said, filled with the trauma of childhood, the horror of an abusive relationship and all the anxiety that goes with such a journey. 

Through the healing process of music, Aruba tackles her demons and addresses some of the issues in a Cathartic manner, whilst delivering a delicious vocal performance, augmented by some fine contemporary beats and tender melodies. Breaking the chains of an eventful past, “Release Me” goes some way of letting us know what she’s been through and how she now feels, whilst “Change” continues the theme of liberation, complete with a conversation with a child, emphasising the point, “the more you don’t love yourself, the more you’ll die”.  Listening to these songs can fill you with sadness, but at the same time, a good deal of hopeful optimism.