Thunder and Rain – Passing in the Night

Album Review | Self Release | Review by Marc Higgins

This is the third album by the Colorado four piece. Two albums and a surprising Guns n Roses cover finds the band smouldering by turning down the heat. Acoustic sounds perfectly suit the intimate and effortless playing of the band. A measured sophistication is the order of the day. “Uncharted” opens the album as a taster, with some plaintive picking and a lovely vocal from Erinn Peel Lukes that recalls Joan Shelley. “Two Ships” carries the nautical imagery on, with some head down furious blue grass playing and Erinn’s bright voice. Peel Lukes, Chris Herbst and Aaron Youngberg lay down sparking guitar, dobro and banjo over Ian Haegele’s deft but muscular double bass. “Run With You” and “Down A Rabbit Hole” skip along with very percussive guitar and slap bass riff from this drum free acoustic band. Sweet band harmonies behind Erinn’s crystal clear singing too.

“Walk Through The Door Of My Heart” is sweet slow county with an aching lead vocal great harmonies and Natalie Padilla’s star turn fiddle. “10 Hour Flight” has a melancholic reflective feel, very Hem like, Erinn delivers some lovely guitar as well as another beautiful vocal. Striking are Natalie’s eerie long fiddle notes. “Unchartered Farewell” makes a longer return with those rich images, killer guitar riff and some catchy harmonies. “Wine And Weed And You” is an anti-love song, a bitter sweet list of things the singer shouldn’t want. The playing, with the shimmering mandolin and dobro against the growling bass is a delight as is the soulful vocal. A quiet storm, wafting acoustic instruments, percussive playing that creates pace and drive with some captivating soulful vocals.

Choice Track: Two Ships (NSV 497)