Ry Cavanaugh – Time For This

Album Review | Cav Productions | Review by Allan Wilkinson

I imagine that the two photographs that make up the centre spread of Ry Cavanaugh’s new album Time for This, bring a lump to the Session Americana front man’s throat. Accompanying his ukulele-totin’ old man on harmonica in the corner of the room, the sharply-dressed kid is obviously taking note, which will no doubt come in useful later. Named after Ry Cooder, whose eponymous debut LP had just been released, the singer songwriter has found time in his schedule for this, a tribute to his late father’s craft, treating nine of his songs to warm and gentle arrangements, none of which sound in the least forced or rushed. There’s obviously warm memories here of the Country and Honky Tonk singer George Cavanaugh, who at the time of those early photographs, would bring home many notable musicians and some of that warmth reveals itself in these songs. It all sounds up close and personal with Duke Levine and Jennifer Kimball helping out on both guitar and vocals respectively. Between the three of them, new life breathes in such songs as “Too Tired for Drinking”, “Trinity” and “Gypsy Dad”, with sparse yet complete arrangements. A fine tribute to a fine song writer, father and mentor.

Choice Track: Too Tired for Drinking (NSV 496)