Frigg – Frixx

Album Review | Self Release | Review by Allan Wilkinson

Frixx marks the twentieth anniversary of music making by the outstanding Finnish septet Frigg, their name taken from the old Norse for ‘Beloved One’ as well as the Norse goddess of love and fertility, yet unfortunately translated into something a little more disparaging in my neck of the woods. Their uplifting acoustic sound however permeates this, their latest twelve-track album, which also marks the band’s tenth release to date.

Once again the arrangements are richly observed with moments of subtlety followed by moments of sheer exuberance, with each of the seven musicians’ musical prowess and individuality dove-tailing into a pleasing whole. With eleven band originals and just the one traditional adaptation, Frigg sweep through each of the compositions with a flair all of their own, a fine mixture of homegrown folk and American Bluegrass. Despite this, their music could only come from Scandinavia, a music easy to understand once heard. Twenty years doesn’t seem to have slowed this band down and with this celebratory album, especially the “Smoke on the Water” riffing on “Varpunen”, I foresee more excitable mosh pit activity during the summer festival season.

Choice Track: Terhen (NSV 495)