Dana Immanuel and the Stolen Band – Mama’s Codeine

EP Review | Self Release | Review by Allan Wilkinson

There’s no easing oneself into the music of Dana Immanuel and the Stolen Band, whose opening song and title track to their new EP “Mama’s Codeine” hits like a shot of adrenaline once the frailed banjo leads you into the boudoir. It’s excitable stuff from the start, as the London-based all-female outfit lay on you their own blend of bluesy Americana. The EP is made up of three Dana Immanuel originals, together with a revitalised “Shady Grove”, which sounds for all intents and purposes like Hazel Dickens on speed, together with a short reprise of the title track, delivered from the depths of Hell.

Perhaps it’s a little lazy to quote directly from the band’s press release , but their personnel details are clearly irresistible. There’s Feadora Morris on her ‘unhinged’ electric guitar, Hjordis Moon Badford with her ‘gymnastic cajon’ and ‘technicolour harmonies’, Karen Grymm Regester slapping her ‘glitter-sprinkled’ double bass and Basia Bartz, ‘fiddling fit to watch Rome burn by’. Then there’s Dana herself, her sneering saloon voice leading the party into debauchery and mayhem. You tend to think that you should refer to these five musicians by their title ‘Miss’ or you might just regret it.

Choice Track: Mama’s Codeine (NSV 495)