The Legends of Tomorrow – Don’t Go to Nashville

EP Review | Market Square Records | Review by Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 3/5

Despite Colin Harper’s assertion that these songs are merely observations, “Don’t Go to Nashville” comes over as either a tongue-in-cheek or a scathing attack on Music City, reminding us of the fact that there just might be “too many songs and too many co-writes going wrong”, while name checking the unusual coupling of Joni Mitchell and Ralph McTell in the same sentence and an overriding nod towards “Hey Jude” during the coda.  The author of such books as Dazzling Stranger (Bert Jansch and the British Folk and Blues Revival), Harper occasionally puts aside his pen and picks up his guitar to perform with a bunch of friends under the guise of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, where such songs emerge.  

Sandwiched between two new songs, “Don’t Go to Nashville” and the teasingly curious “Greta Thunberg at the End of Time”, an environmental meditation in the style of The Cranberries, are three songs originally recorded between 2000 and 2008, remastered here by Cormac O’Kane for this release. A stand out “People on the Highway” recalls Pentangle’s Solomon’s Seal-period and features a fine vocal courtesy of Janet Henry as well as an uncredited Martin Hayes on fiddle. 

Choice Track: “People on the Highway” (NSV 492)