Steve Hogg and Jeff Spencer – Present Nilsson Sings Newman

Album Review | Self Release | Review by Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 3/5

Tribute albums are fun, more so for the artist recreating the music than for the listener it has to be said. Many classic albums have been carefully recreated in an almost forensic fashion, with bold attempts to get the timbre of the voice just right or the sound of the bass spot on. It’s rather curious then that in the case of this album, which sets out to revisit Harry Nilsson’s homage to a selection of Randy Newman songs, that we have a tribute of a tribute. The point of it all is unclear, but the sound of it is rather good. Perhaps there was an opportunity here to cover ten different Newman songs (there are plenty to go at), but I rather suspect this is more a homage to the late Harry Nilsson, a much missed talent. Hopefully, Steve Hogg and Jeff Spencer’s labours here will signpost new listeners to the original release fifty years on.

Choice Track: “Love Story” (NSV 492)