Clever Square – Clever Square

Album Review | Bronson | Review by Marc Higgins | Stars: 3/5

Clever Square from Bologna have the dense, grainy sound of American indie rock. The disinterested knowing leer comes through in Giacomo D’Attorre’s vocals on “Are Glasses And Contacts Ruining Your Vision”. There are guitar sounds or bursts  rather than clever solos, long on emotion if short in duration. “Cringe” has another great guitar sound and melody with D’Attorre’s vocal nodding to early Robert Smith and other iconic 80s slackers. Adele Nigro adds a second contrasting vocal to “Avocado Phishing” and some outrageous Saxophone as out there as Morphine.

“Busted Religions” has a languid warm vocal like Grandaddy and a fine guitar and banjo melody. “Song For Beer Delivery” has torque and one of those fat slow guitar sounds that builds steadily. “He Cried She Decried” shimmers with almost Americana, sparkling guitar and a lyric about pain. “Endless Herman” is further proof, with its brilliant  weary vocal, electric piano and languid guitar chords that Clever Square really sparkle when they slow down and leave some space. Again great guitar sounds and electronics. “To Spoon Feed You” carries the same idea through a engaging slowed down strummed guitar and  piano ballad. Simple and captivating. “Fast Food Lovers” closes the album with a crunching guitar wig out song. Lo fi indie sound with integrity that really smoulders and engages on the tracks where the band slow down and cook up an atmosphere.

Choice Track: “Endless Herman” (NSV 490)