I See Hawks in L.A. and the Good Intentions – Hawks with Good Intentions

Album Review | Western Seeds Record Company | Review by Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 3/5

The first thing that struck me when I first picked up the sleeve of this record, was just how daunting it must be for an MC or DJ to introduce an outfit with a name made up of a dozen syllables, yet I’m sure this must have happened since the California-based quartet I See Hawks in LA met up with Liverpool duo The Good Intentions. From the banks of the Mersey to the ‘chaparral foothills of the Sierra Madre’, these six musicians have pooled their creative juices for their first collaborative release. Having met whilst Peter Davies and Gabrielle Monk were on a US tour as The Good Intentions, the collective worked up a couple of songs, “White Cross” and “Rolling the Boxcars”, in a Highland Park studio and then added the rest via the internet, a handy tool which effectively makes 5000 miles disappear with a click of mouse. With distance no longer an issue, the ten songs were developed over time with the core of the album written in partnership between Davies, Paul Lacques and Rob Waller, with roots firmly steeped in country music and with instantly accessible melodies throughout. With jaunty sing-along fare such as “Blue Heaven”, “Steel Rails” and “Will You Watch Over Me Now”, Victoria Jacobs’ “Hills on Fire”, written in collaboration with Lacques, adds a touch of something different, a tender performance that somehow seems to be quite out of step with the rest, an album highlight in fact.

Choice Track: “Hills on Fire” (NSV 484)