Sunday Morning – Four

Album Review | Bronson Recordings | Review by Marc Higgins | Stars: 4/5

Sunday Morning are a four piece band from Cesena in Italy. The succinctly named Four follows acclaimed Let It Burn. Most of the album was written while founder member and principal writer Andrea Cola was working alongside Daniel Lanois at Esplanade Studios in the Treme District of New Orleans. Four is a soundtrack to a road trip through the American Southwest. The songs and the sound is bigger, slower and more richly coloured than the bands earlier release as that journey and time spent in the US permeates through.

“If I Go” opens with drone, gains some superb drums, passionate vocals and is, all over that snappy Southern rock of The Kings Of Leon, only better. The smoulder and passion of the vocal is heightened by the sparse arrangement and sense of space like Daniel Lanois period U2. “Broken Arms” and “Waste My Time” burns and thump and snarl like Steve Earle roaring his way through “Transcendental Blues.” The Americana vibe continues through the roots rocker “May Your Heart.” “Power” filters that Sunday Morning intelligent rock through a kind of 80s nu wave early Pulp vibe. The jangling guitars, insistent drums and upbeat vocals create a real ear worm of a song. “Dreamer” is a glorious 70s homage big ballad, the guitar echoes classic ELO, the lush vocals and glam rock guitar solo hark back to classic Rock and will have any lovers of that period. “Can’t Stand Still” is a brilliant rock song with a Tom Petty edge as the words are sneered or spat out over some raw guitar. “We Were Wrong” delivers intimate vocals over lofi Americana on a beautiful album highlight. “Prove It” is the anthemic, long form, big hitter to end. Like the rest of the rest of the album the playing is sophisticated and production is spot on, on one of those ‘wave your phone light about’ slow tempo moments. This is an album made by a band aiming for the big league, this is an album that sounds like it was recorded by a band who were in the big league.