Annie Keating – Can’t Stand Still

Album Review | 8th Street Studios | Review by Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 4/5

A spirit of movement is captured in six songs on Annie Keating’s new mini-album Can’t Stand Still, very much reflected in the blurry walking feet and topsy turvy title on the album cover. It’s almost as if we were already prepped for the instant vibrancy of “Beholden”, which opens the record, its gutsy electric guitar lick courtesy of Dan Mills, who co-wrote this and three other songs on the record. “Beholden” captures our attention immediately, which is further maintained in the following five songs, notable the punchy $20 and the groove-laden “Mother of Exile”, curiously reminding me of “Oops.. I Did It Again”, which I don’t necessarily think of as a bad thing; I’ve always believed that Britney had all the best melodies, even if her lyrical content left a lot to be desired! Finally, the mini-album concludes with a faithful reading of “Trouble”, one of the songs written by a recuperating Cat Stevens in the late Sixties after being treated for a collapsed lung, which in this case is delivered in a more familiar, vulnerable, almost fragile Annie Keating vocal.

Choice Track: “Beholden” (NSV 484)