The Dovetail Trio – Bold Champions

Album Review | GR! Records | Review by Marc Higgins | Stars: 4/5

Right the start there is a purity and grace to The Dovetail Trio. The beautifully layered voices on “The Light Dragoon”, guitar and duet concertina, with moments where the band swells to a choir are just delightful. “Black Eyed Susan” and “The Wreck Of The Northfleet” are sublime exercises in harmonising unaccompanied voices. It’s never showy or flashy, but it is always perfectly judged. “Bold Keeper” is a furiously paced song, with the rich sounding concertina, and spry guitar evoking the spirited chase. “A Broadside” features Jamie Robert’s nimble and dexterous guitar with the group vocals that the trio do so well. Rosie Hood’s striking voice is to the fore on The Dovetail Trio’s beautiful version of “Death And The Maiden” and their rousing “Bold Champions.” Delicate and reflective by comparison is the cautionary tale of “Flower Of London” and the perfectly delivered “Two Sisters.” As with the rest of the album the interplay between the voices is just a delight, hanging in the air alongside Jamie’s guitar and Matt’s snarling concertina drone. “The Old Churchyard” is an exercise in hymn like intensity and poise. Rosie delivers a stunning lead vocal, supported by Matt and Jamie voices. “Four and Twenty Fiddlers” is a knotty addition live track, a considerable reminder that the trio can walk the walk live, without any possibility of studio buff n shine safety net. The final full stop on an album that manages to be both consistently impressive and a great listen. Mention must be made of the perfect recording by Tom A Wright at Powered Flight Music. Voices have presence and sit in space, while Matt Quinn’s Duet Concertina bubbles and roars with life and energy.