Amy Thatcher – Solo

Album Review | Self Release | Review by Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 4/5

Those who have already discovered Amy Thatcher for themselves will undoubtedly be familiar with her work with either The Shee, Sting, the Monster Ceilidh Band or indeed The Side, Kathryn Tickell’s band, or maybe all four. In each of these outfits, Amy plays an important dual role, that of an excellent accordion player and energetic clog dancer, but also as a composer in her own right. On this, her debut album, Amy goes solo as the title suggests and explores her compositional chops in more detail, as well providing us with more of her nifty finger and footwork. Albeit totally instrumental, the tunes are highly personal and in one or two cases, written with friends and bandmates firmly in mind, such as “April’s Child”, written for The Shee’s Lillias Kinsman-Blake, “Jo Lin”, for one of Amy’s best pals and “Ian’s Favourite” for a former teacher, written during Amy’s final year studying folk and traditional music. If Solo is dedicated to friends and family, nowhere is this more apparent than on “Sleep Spindles/Zakopane Christmas”, the former tune written by Shona Mooney, her bandmate from The Shee, the latter, a seasonal tune written for both Amy’s and her husband’s families. Amy’s latest musical venture will see her once again with Kathryn Tickell as part of her brand new venture, The Darkening, along with Cormac Byrne, Joe Truswell, Kate Young and Kieran Szifris.