ImRam – Ever New Joy

Album Review | Beautiful World Agency | Review by Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 4/5

This album should perhaps begin with track two, a wonderful blend of new and old, as the opening mantra on “Maheshvara Shiva” is guided by its contemporary feel, its bluesy lead guitar sparring effortlessly with tasteful electronica, a music designed around its alleged healing powers. ImRam is a Kriya Yogi, a healer who takes his music seriously. He surrounds himself with a multi-national collective, from his native Russia as well as India, Ukraine and the UK. The musical styles are even more eclectic, traversing Indian ragas, bhajans, kirtans, Sufi, Celtic and assorted shamanic chants and mantras, effectively uniting in a broad musical sphere. It’s rewarding to listen to, it feels good and has the potential to heal, an important attribute in these times, evident in such explorative signatures as “Sita Ram”, “Elfie’s Song” and “Lonely Shivaya.”