Copper Viper – Cut It Down, Count the Rings

Album Review | Self Release | Review by Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 5/5

With tight vocal harmonies and empathetic guitar/mandolin/fiddle playing, Robin Joel Sangster and Duncan Menzies perform with an almost sibling closeness, not unlike their inspiration, Simon and Garfunkel and the Milk Carton Kids, two combos who exemplify a certain vocal closeness that doesn’t necessarily adhere to the notion of having to be strictly connected by genes. The London-based duo have begun to spread their wings with an impressive debut album consisting of eleven self-penned songs that straddle the lines between Country, British Folk and Bluegrass; an album that will no doubt serve them well as their name becomes better known, with such fine arrangements as “Bad Desires”, “Hung Up Alone” and the rather sublime “Fly.” With Ryan Hadlock at the helm at the Bear Creek Studio in Woodinville, WA, and the album being mastered by Gavin Lurssen (Plant and Krauss, Oh Brother, Where Art Thou), further credentials are rendered unnecessary. Cut it Down, Count the Rings is one of those albums that hung around the office for a few weeks before I got around to listening to it, which was inevitably followed by a niggling feeling that I had in fact wasted those weeks.