Gordie Tentrees and Jaxon Haldand – Grit

Album Review | Greywood Records | Review by Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 3/5

Ontario-born singer songwriter and former boxer Gordie Tentrees, together with fellow Canadian companion of the road Jaxon Haldane, take their respective guitars, harmonica, dobro, porch board bass, tambourine, musical saw, cigar box guitar, banjo and mandolin and serve up a feast of acoustic songs, a dozen to be precise, each recorded live at various venues in Alberta. The songs avoid polish and leave all the rough edges in, the aim presumably to provide the listener with precisely what they might hear at one of their many shows. The two musicians have travelled far and wide and have certainly put in all the leg work, having performed over five hundred shows in eleven countries over the last three years. Bluesy in places, the album’s charm is in its down home, back to basics aesthetic.