The Leylines – Recover Reveal

Album Review | Self Release | Review by Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 4/5

Formed more or less a festival band, or at least a festival is presumably the environment they work best, the West-country based band have now been around for a good five years and in that time have garnered a rather healthy following. This is possibly due to the sheer energy the five-piece band emits, choosing a name that conjures up no small measure of pseudoscientific strength and vitality; a more than suitable name for their wares. Not specifically a folk rock band, but purveyors of a musical genre you might associate with such bands as The Levellers and Ferocious Dog, a vibrant rock band then, with acoustic instruments including the all important fiddle, together with a lead singer blessed with the voice of Eddie Vedder. Steve Mitchell leads the band with focus and determination, and is joined by a tight musical collective, featuring Dan Thompson, Hannah Johns, Sean Booth and Dave Burbridge.

Following the success of their 2016 debut Along the Straight Track, the second album release Recover/Reveal showcases their current energy-driven set, kicking up a storm in places as one of titles suggests. The visuals that accompany the song “This is Your Life” are an indication of just how young the band feels, whilst the music demonstrates the band’s musical maturity. The dozen songs are driven along with tight arrangements, all of which you can imagine providing many a mosh pit with plenty of sweat and adrenaline this summer. Do check them out.