Ranagri – Playing for Luck

Album Review | Stockfish Records | Review by Allan Wilkinson | Stars: 5/5

I guess any new offering from this exceptional Anglo/Irish acoustic quartet could be seen as an eagerly awaited event, indeed this particular release couldn’t have arrived sooner. Musically inventive, whilst maintaining an easily accessible sound, Ranagri are a class act whose musical virtuosity and complexity sits well with the original material they produce, notably the songs from the pen of Donal Rogers. Playing For Luck is the band’s fourth studio album and includes a dozen original songs delicately arranged by the band, which also includes Eliza Marshall, Ellie Turner and Joe Danks completing the line-up.

The musical democracy embodied in these four musicians is reflected in Emre Meydan’s inner illustration, which sees the band depicted as Kings and Queens from the pack. Luck plays only a small part in this band’s success, which has more to do with hard work, a multitude of live appearances and various side projects, which has seen these musicians work with a host of household names including Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel and Tony Christie. It’s difficult to single out particular songs from this set, but you would do well to start with the dramatic “Trees”, the haunting “The Stranger” and the utterly beguiling and beautiful “Out There.”