Tannara – Strands

Album Review | Braw Sailin Records | Review by Marc Higgins | Stars: 4/5

Tannara are an atmospheric traditional band. Tracks like “Smiling” and “Good Ship” on their second album Strands are glorious and beautifully played, building into dense music that is all swirling fiddle melodies and infectious rhythms. While the songs capture some of that emotional Celtic soul like Blue Rose Code. “The Next Station Is..” with its huge guitar chords, electronics refrain like a buzzing valve amp and perfect vocals from Owen Sinclair and Josie Duncan, is just the best lush folk pop I’ve heard in ages. ” JC” and “Costies” turn a hypnotic electronic pulse, some fine guitar, harp and that soaring fiddle into something strangely wonderful, with more than a whiff of Dub. Marvellous meeting of musics. “Spent Lees” has another wonderfully soulful song with fine vocals. “Jutland” is an atmospheric twentieth century folk song, a historic spoken passage and radio white noise creates atmosphere with an emotionally loaded lyrics.

Becca Skeoch Harp, Robbie Grieg, Fiddle, Joseph Peach, Accordion and Keys and Owen Sinclair Vocals and Guitar make up Tannara. Together they can produce lively layered tunes that drive the feet but they can also make soulful music that play on the emotions. Music for the head, heart and feet, different strands of the whole person.